so there was this rumor on a vinyl forum that the sleater-kinney box set would come with a 7” of new music, and today twitter basically confirmed it.

we did it, you guys. it’s real. it’s happening.

1/20/15 GET PUMPED

edit: stereogum is on it tho i scooped ‘em by a few :)

edit 2: there’s cover art for a new album (?!) called “no cities to love” and the name of the 7” song is “bury our friends”

edit 3: here’s a 10 sec clip of “bury our friends”

edit 4: 6th photo is from an instagram user whose vinyls shipped early (hit the jackpot i guess).

edit 5: 7th photo is from a record store in atlanta who got this teaser flyer for the new record. you might recognize that I-5 exit…

Re-reblogging because of the additional photos and edits. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

This is SO EXCITING TO ME I cannot begin to tell you.

Sleater-Kinney is coming back, y’all. I am vibrating with excitement.