Finally got around to working on the sticky shutter of my 1957 German Kodak Retina IIIc. I think it just has some gunk in it - I took out the lens elements and gave it a thorough, gentle cleaning with some alcohol and it seems to be firing happily at normal speeds (slow speeds, 1/15th and slower, are still kind of sticky, but that’s common in a lot of old cameras, and I don’t plan on using the Retina in very low light, so I’m not bothered).

I had a high school English teacher (well, he was primarily a basketball coach, which is all my high school was actually interested in, but presumably for legal reasons to allow them to continue to exist as a school he had to teach something as well) who was way, way into Jimmy Buffett, and would use his songs as objects of study for us in class. He made us sit and listen - REALLY listen - to things like “Jamaica Mistaica” multiple times, because…learning? I’m not really sure what he was going for.

The end result is that I know way more Jimmy Buffett songs than I should. Please take pity on me.