Day three at SXSW.

The day was full of music (and walking, and good food). For the highlight, though, I had to take the opportunity to see a band for the second time - that’s right, I saw Mary Timony’s new band, Ex Hex, again.

They performed at the KEXP show at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop downtown. They rocked just as hard, if not harder, than they did on day one at Waterloo. Mary was absolutely destroying it on the guitar, and Betsy and Laura were once again a phenomenal rhythm section. If anything, the vocals were a bit more prominent here than at Waterloo, which is fine by me - I love Mary’s (and Betsy’s!) voice, and of course I totally love Mary’s lyrics, as always.

After being fortunate enough to see Ex Hex twice in one weekend, I am unreservedly in love with this band. Mary’s put together a monster of rock. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

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