1. Power Plant on Flickr.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  2. Do Not Enter on Flickr.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  3. When I’m not capturing your hearts and minds on Tumblr or out taking photos, this is what I’m doing - making weird rock songs with music videos starring toy unicorns.

  4. Mercantile on Flickr.

    Camera: Olympus XA
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

  5. I made a music video for one of my band’s new songs.

    The song is called “Get Scrappy!” and it’s the title track off our newest EP. The video was shot during our trip to SXSW, and stars a couple of plastic unicorns we call the Plastic Unicorn Brigade. The whole video was shot with an iPhone 5s, using the Filmic Pro app, and edited by me once we got back.

    I hope you like it. If you do, please re-share it, and buy the EP from our Bandcamp site or from iTunes. It’s super easy for everybody to “like” or “fav” things supporting indie music, but putting your dollars to work is the best way to make this sustainable for folks like me who invest hundreds of dollars into the recording and production of music for you to enjoy.

  6. Second day at SXSW.

    The highlight of this second day was, without a doubt, getting to see another of my favorite current bands live. I am speaking of Upset, the band comprised of Ali Koehler, Jennifer Prince, and Patty Schemel. They performed at the Side Bar on East 7th today. The line was long, but it moved at a decent clip despite the one-in, one-out policy. I made it in after missing only the first song or two.

    They had a guest bassist - Rachel Gagliardi, of the band Slutever - and the four of them absolutely kicked ass, despite Ali coming down with a head cold as they arrived in Austin. She powered through (no doubt helped by a combination of tequila and the Lone Star beer she was chugging), and Upset proceeded to demolish the Side Bar one rampaging overdriven song after another. As Ali held down the rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jennifer’s lead guitar was roaring and Patty showcased why she’s considered one of the great rock drummers.

    At the end, they did a cover of a song I didn’t recognize. Ali set her guitar down and did these loud crazed vocals while finishing off a beer. At the beginning, something happened, and she fell over backwards, but shook it off pretty quickly. It was all very punk rock, and awesome.

    Upset totally kicks ass, and you should see them if they come near you. And pick up their debut album, *She’s Gone*. It’s greatness.


  7. Hello Tumblr! My band’s new record is out. It’s called Get Scrappy!, and you can listen/purchase from our site (powered by Bandcamp). It’s also on iTunes.

    Get Scrappy! is a much louder, nuttier, and rockin’ record than our first EP was. We pushed ourselves and experimented with fuzz and delay and unique amp setups (my Farfisa organ was being played simultaneously through two amps at one point). It’s lower-fi, a little more garage rock. It plays off a lot of our influences - power pop, indie rock, riot grrrl, art punk, lit rock - and warps them into our own ways.

    The record was produced by me, recorded/engineered/mixed by Drew Gabbert here in Fort Worth, and mastered by John McCaig in Seattle.

    I’m really proud of how it turned out, and would love for you to buy a copy. Downloads are just $4 on Bandcamp (downloadable in any format you wish + lifetime streaming in the Bandcamp mobile app), and CDs are $5 + shipping (and include the download as well).

    For the combo organ nerds, I play my trusty ‘65 Farfisa Mini-Compact, as usual. It’s fed at times into a variety of pedals - on the title track heard above, it’s being fed into a Nocturne pre-amp and a Big Muff fuzz pedal, then split to two amps, a ‘63 Fender Vibroverb and a Peavey Classic 50 Tweed, the combination of which we mic’d with three microphones. The track above also uses the Farfisa’s infamous Multi-Tone Booster feature for extra ridiculousness. On a couple of tracks, I also play a Hammond organ, a first for one of our records.

    Go give it a listen!


  8. I am freakin’ honored to be one of the 12 finalists in the Dallas Observer’s Best Music Photographers in North Texas feature. There’ll be a public vote in the coming weeks, but considering the massive talent that exists around here I am just thrilled to be in the finals! So cool.

    My music photography Flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomorrowville/sets/72157635107363670/

  9. Foreshadowing.

  10. We recorded our new album at the studio run by fellow local rock band Missing Sibling. They’re basically my favorite Fort Worth band. Check out the video for their song “Keep Strong Boy.”