1. Mrs. Howl
    Mrs. Howl
    Mrs. Howl
    Mrs. Howl
    Mrs. Howl
    Mrs. Howl
    Langton Drive
    Langton Drive
    Langton Drive and Mrs. Howl
    Langton Drive and Mrs. Howl

    The incredibly badass San Antonio-based bands Mrs. Howl (per their bio: lo-fi dance punk with full-bodied female lead vocals) and Langton Drive (Lesbian/Queer Indie Rock) came through Fort Worth last night and played at Lola’s. They put on one hell of a show. Our band went to cheer them on, and I grabbed some photos.

    All photos taken with my Fujifilm X100.

  2. Winter Tree, Winter Sky

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  3. Yours truly, black-and-white, after-day-of-making-music edition.

  4. Yours truly during set-up before my photo gig (photographing a local performance art event). Self portrait with Fujifilm X100.

  5. Jacob Furr performs live at the under-new-management Zio Carlo brew pub on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth’s Near Southside, with special guest Pete Gilliland on harmonica.

    Camera: Canon EOS 40D Lenses: Canon 35mm f/2.0 and 50mm f/1.8.

  6. Self portrait while messing around with some off-camera lighting. A little change of pace from being behind the camera all the time.

  7. Street Trio - While doing some street photography downtown in Sundance Square, I ran across a group of younger folks - a guy with a DSLR and a trio of ladies. The photog was grabbing shots of them in various downtown settings, so I naturally had to capture a shot of him capturing a shot of one of them in an alley.

    Before I could even lower the X100’s viewfinder from my eye, the other two ladies had turned and approached me, curious about the camera. I showed them and offered to take their portrait, which they were happy to do. I gathered the three of them for a quick photo on 5th Street, at the southern boundary of Sundance Square.

    After I thanked them and headed on my way south down Houston Street, this guy stopped me and struck up a conversation. He was fascinated by the X100 and really fascinated by the vintage Rolleicord TLR I was also carrying. He was friendly, and had quite an intensity about him when he spoke of following dreams and artistic endeavors. I took a shot while we conversed.

    Street photography has always interested me, but I’m only now starting to try it for myself, after looking at the street work of various photographers I am a fan of, like Zack Arias, Eric Kim, Kai Wong, and others. I really want to explore this fascinating genre some more.

  8. Yours truly, in music mode.

    (That’d be the Eleuke solid-body tenor in my hands, in case you’re curious.)

  9. Author Pic on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Apparently, I’ve transmogrified into an author of mystery novels this morning. ¬†Or a supervillain.

    In actuality, I don’t take a lot of photos of myself, but this brick wall made too nice a backdrop.