1. Some soy latte, some writing. As you do.

  2. Spent some quality time at lunch with locally-roasted coffee and a Battle of the Bulge session.

  3. Barista on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Making drinks at Mudsmith in Dallas.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  4. Ghost Barista on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Decided to take a portrait of my friend Pete while he was working at the coffee shop, so I set my Zero Image pinhole up on a counter and left the shutter open for a few minutes while he worked.

  5. Rainy Day Coffee on Flickr.

    Random neighborhood shot from the ‘09 PDX trip. I really do miss that town.

  6. Hungry Tiger Too & Three Friends on Flickr.

    Hungry Tiger Too and 3 Friends Coffee…random shot from my first trip to Portland in 2009.

  7. Dude, Sweet on Flickr.

    Camera: Olympus XA
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

  8. Schwinn on Flickr.

    Bikes parked at Avoca Coffee in Fort Worth’s Near Southside.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  9. Curled Up on Flickr.

    The couches and chairs in the center of Avoca Coffee’s main room are wonderfully comfy. Great place to get absorbed in a good book.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100

  10. Five / Reading on Flickr.

    A coffee shop candid via the X100. Love that big new piece of sheetmetal art on the wall.

    Camera: Fujifilm X100