3. Struck is one of the songs on our new EP, Get Scrappy!, and I’m super proud of it. It’s the most mellow song on the EP, and it’s all about how being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.

    Give it a listen and grab a copy of the EP.

  4. When I’m not capturing your hearts and minds on Tumblr or out taking photos, this is what I’m doing - making weird rock songs with music videos starring toy unicorns.


  5. diabolicalmachines:

    Hows about some Tuesday morning music? Slice & Dice by The Diabolical Machines

    I have a sweet Farfisa organ solo in this.

  6. I made a music video for one of my band’s new songs.

    The song is called “Get Scrappy!” and it’s the title track off our newest EP. The video was shot during our trip to SXSW, and stars a couple of plastic unicorns we call the Plastic Unicorn Brigade. The whole video was shot with an iPhone 5s, using the Filmic Pro app, and edited by me once we got back.

    I hope you like it. If you do, please re-share it, and buy the EP from our Bandcamp site or from iTunes. It’s super easy for everybody to “like” or “fav” things supporting indie music, but putting your dollars to work is the best way to make this sustainable for folks like me who invest hundreds of dollars into the recording and production of music for you to enjoy.

  7. Day three at SXSW.

    The day was full of music (and walking, and good food). For the highlight, though, I had to take the opportunity to see a band for the second time - that’s right, I saw Mary Timony’s new band, Ex Hex, again.

    They performed at the KEXP show at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop downtown. They rocked just as hard, if not harder, than they did on day one at Waterloo. Mary was absolutely destroying it on the guitar, and Betsy and Laura were once again a phenomenal rhythm section. If anything, the vocals were a bit more prominent here than at Waterloo, which is fine by me - I love Mary’s (and Betsy’s!) voice, and of course I totally love Mary’s lyrics, as always.

    After being fortunate enough to see Ex Hex twice in one weekend, I am unreservedly in love with this band. Mary’s put together a monster of rock. I can’t wait to hear more from them.


  9. If the wailing guitar feedback piped through a delay pedal on the first track doesn’t scare away all the gentle hipsters, the downright pornographic sound of a heavily overdriven Farfisa combo organ played simultaneously through two cranked-up, big, nasty tube amps on the second track will.

    In other words, I am EXCITED AS HELL to get this EP released.

  10. My band is in the middle of recording its new EP, the follow-up to last year’s debut.

    Shit is getting real. Seen above: calling out the big guns.