1. Keys on Flickr.

    Camera: iPhone 5s

  2. If you’ve ever wondered what my iPhone looks like, here it is. I keep things pretty simple lately, after a long period of cramming it full of apps and folders. My absolute most-used stuff is on the first page, less-used but still useful stuff on the second, and things I only rarely (if ever) need are on the last page. The dock holds Tweetbot, Safari, Castro (a gorgeous and simple podcast app), and Rdio.

    And yes - apart from Tweetbot (for Twitter, of course) and Instagram, I currently have no social networking apps on the iPhone. I’m trying to wean myself from constantly checking Facebook and the like. I also have a minimum of notifications enabled - I am very strict about what I allow to pop-up notifications during my day.

    I’ll have to do one with my iPad soon. It’s gradually become my usual everyday non-pocket computer, especially for writing.

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    Camera: iPhone 5S

  4. And, I got to see my talented friend Jude perform with her band!

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    iPhone 4S

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  7. The Dude Motel on Flickr.

  8. Hubs on Flickr.

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  9. The Empty Library on Flickr.

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    The library at TCU, devoid of students during the summer.

  10. We recorded a song for the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards compilation CD. It was our first time in a recording studio, and we had a blast. Our friend Britt engineered it, and he’ll be handling those duties in a few weeks when we head to this same studio again to record our full-up debut EP.

    Photos taken with Fujifilm X100 and Hipstamatic on an iPhone, depending on the quality you see.

    EDIT: Notice my Long Winters t-shirt. It has been a part of this musical adventure for a while - I was wearing it the night I met Long Winters frontman/my musical hero John Roderick, I wore it when we went to SXSW to perform, and I wore it today in the studio.