thejoeskie asked:

Have you ever used Kodak Ektar? if not, you should! it's really great for skin tones and the colours are great too! (Tried adding a link as an example from my my street photography in Manchester, but I didn't know that you weren't allowed to send links on an ask) :( And do you have a Flickr account? Always good to follow a fellow photographer!

hum-together answered:

I haven’t, but I’m desperate to try it out. It looks beautiful and I’ve yet to find a picture I dislike with that type of film. I had put it on my wishlist for my birthday (11 days away, kind of freaking out), so we’ll see how that one goes. 

I do have a Flickr, but I hardly update it/use it at all. If you’re interested though - here’s the link:

I am a big, big fan of Ektar. It’s one of my go-to color films. You can see some of my Ektar shots on Flickr: